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Ice Rink Professionals

At Very N'Ice we are your ice specialyst to develop your ice project.

Experience and resources
Our speciality is to develop, build and install custom ice rinks for sale and rental. We are a specialized team, formed during years in developing of mobile ice rinks.
Let your project in our hands, even if it is a temporal installation or a permanent ice rink.  With any kind of characteristics or capacities we will be able to offer to you the best relation quality-price and a superb ice quality thanks to our revolutionary cold system that allow to save until 30% of energy consumption, with no external tubes or parts outside the ice rink.

Assistance and maintenance: In all cases, our engineers and technicians will be expecting of all aspects of your ice rink, including chiller, pumps, tubes and ice quality. Our exclusive design will allow to perform a very quick assembly (in most cases lower than 24 hours) and the most important thing: the size and form you need for your installation, absolutely tailored and customized for you... even if your dream is a rounded ice rink!!

Economy and environment care
Thank to our exclusive mounting system, our prices do not have competition (please give us a try and ask us for a custom budget).
In addition, we use a refrigerant -glycol propilene- which is totally ecologic and environment friendly. We respect all EU normatives in order to have best results without agressive elements.
We are a young team, dynamic and with huge experience: this is the best warranty for your event success.