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You have our Guarantee

Very N'ICE guarantee the the perfect functioning
of all your ice rink installation

Forget the incidences
One of the principal problems which the companies or institutions face at the time of mounting ice rinks is the poor -or null- technical assistance and production teams to solve the disadvantages that usually occurs for the proper dynamics of functioning of the installation.
Thickness and quality of the layer of ice, the functioning of chillers or any aspect relative to the functioning of the ice rink, all of these is guaranteed in the contract with our company.

Permanent assistance
So much for minor problems (of those that even can be solved with a simple phone call) as for those in which there becomes essential the presence of one of our technicians; you will have permanent assistance (24 hours). Although our experience indicates us that almost you will not have need to communicate to us any incidence, YOU WILL ALWAYS CAN COUNT WITH US.

Quality Control
All the materials that are used in the assemblies are checked rigorously in our facilities before being used. This assures that flaws do not exist practically in our ice rinks. In order to minimize the possible fails, no parts are exposed outside the ice rink, with the only exception of chiller connectors.