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Exclusive Projects
Very N'Ice

Unique and Different Ice Skating Rinks

Pistas de Hielo Very N'Ice

Special Projects: Your ice rink is uniquely and exclusively manufactured for you. The standards produce results that range from lousy and expensive to the point that they do not meet your expectations. Do you want a circular, oval, irregularly shaped track? And if we could install your track inside a lake, pond or pool? And if your ice rink had ramps for acrobatic jumps?
Only Very N'Ice has the technical ability to solve and implement all its concerns.
The limit is your imagination and we will make it real.

Pistas de Hielo Very N'Ice

Unique designs with special materials make the best ice rink

Pistas de Hielo Very N'Ice

The audience is amazed and amused in a different space

Pistas de Hielo Very N'Ice

Surprise in unusual places ensure the success of your Event

Pistas de Hielo Very N'Ice

With incredible openings!


    Av. Sant Joan de Caselles 12
Canillo, AD100    
Principado de Andorra


Phone: +376 388 868
WhatsApp: +34 615 838 084
Skype and WeChat: hsad10