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Rent an Ice Rink

If you need a temporary installation, we can assure best results in record time: we have it all!

Anytime, anywhere
If the ice rink is thought for a limited period of time, we will help you to plan the most adapted timetable for the best development of your business. We can advice since the mounting day, opening, hours of operation, and all accesories needed, to assure a complete success of your event until ending it. You will count with all our organization: marketing advisors, technical team and production personnel to get the most of your investment. Without troubles! Our different ice rink models will allow you to satisfy all kind of people, even up to the most demanding public.

Experience and quality
Just show us the place where you want to install the ice rink, and we will be in charge of any detail, without any problems for you. We will tailor your rink and design the correct places to mount the pumps, chiller, tents and all you will need to operate your event perfectly. In no more than 48 hours, public can skate in your ice rink. Enjoy! We know that if you are satisfied, you will be our best referrer.

All the resources
We know all secrets, all neededs. From chillers to smallest accesories, it performs vital importance for the correct functioning of a track. VeryN'Ice can provide the whole equipment necessary for every installation, which allows us to give a rapid technical and human response to solve any class of incidences or worries. Your peace of mind is important for us. We want to work with you!