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You can buy your own Ice Rink

Permanent or mobile installations. From small sizes to professional ice rinks for sports and leisure, we have it all!

The best advice
If you have decided to buy an ice rink to complement your sport installations, attraction park, or even your leisure offer, you must be in contact with us!
All our commercial and tech teams will be at your service to advice and help to define the most important aspects to keep in mind for get a successful event. We are in all the details, from the beginning to the end.
Ice rink installations are not so simple, and we know that. We are at your side to advice you in each point of your project to ensure a great and perfect ice rink.
You can count with us for all your ice plan.

All what you need
For permanent and mobile installations, we will study all important tips, like floor and thermal insulation. If it will be necessary, we can prepare the site and nivelate the floor. Also, we will study the needed frigories to get the most of your new ice rink. Our technical team are specialyst in all of these steps keeping in mind that you, our client, are our principal promoter of our excellence of services. We know that if you are satisfied, you will be our best referrer.

Technical assistance
From the beginning, you will count with our team, in each step of study, design, develop and assembly of your new ice rink. At any time, we will be there to solve any possible incidence immediately. Your peace of mind is important for us. We want to work with you!