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Ice Rinks unique and different from Very N'Ice

Pistas de Hielo Very N'Ice

Shopping Centers and Malls: It is necessary to know a series of guidelines that not all the companies in the market can solve: from the perfect isolation of the refrigeration floor to avoid condensations in the below floors, to a security that there will be no water losses, electrical security, compliance with current regulations and own of each shopping center and work in conjunction with the ​​Operations Area: only with a huge experience that 
Very N'Ice have and provide, we can ensure that your ice rink will be unique, original and that will guarantee the success of YOUR EVENT.

Pistas de Hielo Very N'Ice Alquiler y Venta

Ice Rinks with Low Cost and Premium designs

Pistas de Hielo Very N'Ice Alquiler y Venta

Events that summon and entertain everyone, regardless of ages

Pistas de Hielo Very N'Ice Alquiler y Venta

All of our Ice Skating Rinks are tailored made


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