Planning Very N'Ice

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How do we plan YOUR ice rink?

  1. Let's know the available space - Obviously we need to know the place where the ice rink itself will be installed, in order to estimate the dimensions and the shape it will have.
  2. Knowing the dimensions - In general, the rink is intended to have a ratio of 2: 1, for example, 30 x 15 meters, 20 x 10 meters, or 40 x 20 meters, although it is definitely not a rule but a custom, because aesthetically it looks good with this shape.
  3. The capacity and visitors - You must calculate a capacity (number of skaters at the same time) of around 3 m2 per skater, that is to say that on a rink of 450 m2, 150 people could skate at the same time. We must also bear in mind that most users are accompanied, and we calculate two or three people for each one, who evidently wish to see the activity of the rink, take photographs, or simply observing what goes on inside. To do this, the rink must have a minimum space in its perimeter of about 2 meters for the circulation of the public.
  4. Changer and customer service - We must consider a space of about 25 to 35 m2 where the lockers of the skates, the counters for attention to the public, possibly the ticket office, and the benches where the skaters change their shoes will be located.
  5. Bar and drinks - It is a good idea, if there is a possibility, to locate a small bar, and if there is enough space, tables with chairs for visitors, where hot and cold drinks are offered, and also have a supply of water for the skaters, who after a while of skating on the track, usually are thirst. This, decorated with style, ends up being part of the atmosphere and generates a lot of extra income, apart from the ticket office of the ice rink. If these spaces are not available, vending machines are a good solution.
  6. IMPORTANT: It is essential that the space between the changer and the entrance of the rink have a covered floor, since the blades of the skates deteriorate immediately if you walk on cement, tiles or any hard surface. To do this, carpet or rubber floor are used, as well as sports or vinyl plastic flooring. We have different types and samples, so that everything be consistent with the decoration of the place.
  7. Machinery: It should be located outside, as close to the rink as possible, since this increases the performance and low electricity costs, although there are times that it is not possible and we must place it a bit far. In these cases we make a reinforced thermal insulation to avoid energy losses.
  8. With all in mind, we draw up a sketch or map of the possible locations of each item, which we present to the customer so that we can agree on the best distribution, always according the aesthetics of the place.
  9.  And in agreement, we make a digital render or view of how the whole place would look, for the customer's approval. Very N'Ice do not make decorations or construction works if necessary, which is at the customer's expense.


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