The origin of the extraordinary of Very N'Ice

A little of theory

Why do we make a difference?

  • Very N'Ice does not use standard equipment - The "chiller", in conjunction with a pump - or two - hydraulic, represents the heart of your Ice Rink. Each installation is unique and special, so, keeping in mind the place where the rink will be installed, the ambient temperature, the dimensions of it, and other factors are what determine what type of machinery should be used.
  • We calculate - We carefully calculate the entire environment, and from that, WE MANUFACTURE our own chillers, designed especially for ice rinks, we do not adapt air conditioning equipment - like 99% of the companies - to operate on tasks for which it has not been conceived.
  • Economy - As most of the ice rinks on the market do not do these complex calculations, they simply install oversized machinery to cool the liquid that will circulate on the runway. Does it work? Sometimes yes and many times NO. What is certain is that the final result will be an excessive consumption of electrical energy. We can show that our Ice Rinks have a much lower requirement - about 40% - and this is a key expense for YOUR business.
  • Environment - We are the only company that uses PROPILENGLICOL, a refrigerant for food and ecological use, instead of ETILENGLICOL - like all our competitors- which costs much cheaper. Likewise, our machinery uses only ecological refrigerant gases, R404a, R407 or R410, which are the only ones suitable for this use in Ice Rinks and allowed in the European Union practically throughout the world.
  • Result: Our chillers are smaller, less noisy, much more efficient and more economical.
    Our facilities operate outdoors - under direct sunlight and direct wind - without any inconvenience: you will not see water instead of ice, even at very high ambient temperatures (over 24ºC) and there are no limitations in this sense if they are located under roof - tent or indoor.
  • We tell you the truth: Because that is Very N'Ice: not a set of promises in order to win a business. That's why we care about designing each ice rink as a whole, paying attention and care to each detail.
    Our Ice Rinks DO NOT HAVE COMPARISON with others that can offer you other companies.
Maquinaria Pistas de Hielo Very N'Ice Alquiler y Venta

Details that make us different:
We always use the best materials and do not skimp on doing everything that is due.
The photograph shows that there is an antivibration system that ensures the durability of the chiller itself, by not transmitting to it the vibrations produced by the circulating liquid in the refrigeration floor system.
We manufacture three models designed only for ice rinks: VN060, VN125 and VN180, getting temperatures up to -15ºC without problems.
With this range, we manage all sizes of ice rinks, up to Professional ones!

Maquinaria Pistas de Hielo Very N'Ice Alquiler y Venta

Automated System: The two pumps seen in the photograph are controlled electronically by a computer, which automatically alternates its use to avoid excessive wear in a single pump, and, in case of failure, always remains one of the two pumps, to avoid damage to the chiller, and also so that the ice rink does not stop working.
This has been exclusively designed by our company and nobody even does something similar.

Maquinaria Pistas de Hielo Very N'Ice Alquiler y Venta

At Very N'Ice we know and follow the guidelines set by the manuals.
We can adjust our machinery in such a way to always achieve a perfect ice, with the ideal temperature, even when it is very hot, or there are too many skaters.
Everything that no other company in the market does not matter, for us ends up being the mission of excellence.
The best equation: a unique and patented freezing system, specially hardened aluminum pipes, a chiller and pump, and all the controls so that nothing is left to chance.


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