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Suelos Frigoríficos Very N'Ice

Very N'Ice is characterized by flexibility and adaptation of the most advanced technology to different applications, not only ice rinks for professional or recreational use, but, when it comes to an ephemeral spectacle, such a Circus On Ice, or perhaps a Theater On Ice, our technical team solves the situation with a fast-assembling cooled floor, and with optimum quality ice sheet.

Suelos Frigoríficos Very N'Ice

Even in those cases of itinerant shows, for a few days, and then move everything to another location, our team has the solution.
Installs in a matter of a few hours, simultaneous equipment in two or more different places, everything is contemplated and nothing is left to chance, because "The Show Must Go On".

Suelos Frigoríficos Very N'Ice

Very N'Ice also offers the possibility of installing refrigerated floors for rehearsals of shows, choreographies and others, installing our system in unusual places, such as warehouses or TV studios.
We even have special designs with removable barriers, so that a recreational Ice Skating Rink can be easily convertible into a stage, or even into a tennis court, when necessary.
Whether permanent or temporary rent.

Suelos Frigoríficos Very N'Ice

In Very N'Ice we can work in scenarios of any shape and size, with prolixity and aesthetics.
We certainly know that professional skaters do not accept to work on surfaces of "synthetic ice", so the quality of natural ice must be perfect.
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